New STEP Web Site

Beginning in July, 2012, the Small Town Energy Program (STEP) will be offered in College Heights Estates, Hyattsville, Riverdale Park and University Park, (where the program was piloted last year as STEP-UP). A new STEP web site is under construction and will go live in mid-July. The goal of STEP is to make it easy and affordable for residents in the four participating communities to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, resulting in improved:

  • comfort, with fewer drafts and hot/cold rooms;
  • savings, with lower utility bills and huge rebates for home energy improvements;
  • value, because an energy-upgraded home is worth more to buyers; and
  • health, as STEP helps identify mold, moisture, CO leaks and home air quality issues.

STEP incentives include limited-time rebates that range from $400 - $4,600. These rebates can pay for more than half of home energy improvements! Interested residents are urged to learn more at http://www.smalltownenergy.org, or to simply contact STEP Energy Coach Suzanne Parmet at energycoach@smalltownenergy.org or at 240-695-3991.

STEP is funded by the Better Buildings Neighborhood Program of the US Department of Energy.  Participation is voluntary. STEP runs through July, 2013. Click here for more information about STEP.